Frequently Asked Questions

What is Attack the Dragon?

A: Grassroots automotive meet founded by two guys, some 550 miles apart, who like cars. It’s an opportunity to visit friends and meet new faces on the famous US Highway 129 aka “The Dragon”. This event is held every October. Come out and join us for a great time!

What is the Dragon?

A: “The Dragon” is a stretch of US Highway 129 on the TN/NC border that contains 318 curves in 11 miles. This road is popular with many enthusiasts but should be respected. Since it is a public highway, local law enforcement agencies can and will be found along the road.

What goes on during the Attack the Dragon event?

A: It’s not like many other automotive event. We always gather for lunch before making any Dragon runs. This is a laid back meet with respect to all local traffic laws and other motorists. This event is a good finish to the car show/meet season.

What is the typical itinerary?

A: The entire event typically follows the information below:

  • Meet and Greet – Friday night before the actual event
  • Lunch: 12:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Run the Dragon @ 2:00 pm
  • Signature photos: Before it gets too late, we gather below Fontana Dam to take a photo of the attending cars.
  • Sunday: Some attendees will organize a leisure run before heading home. The Sunday run is not part of the Attack the Dragon Annual Meet.


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